blog post checklist

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For this section, simply choose keywords that pertain to your blog post and search those keywords using Google.  Google will not only provide you with keywords, but other questions users may be asking.


Here you do the same as your Google search, but use the Pinterest platform to perform your keyword search.  Pinterest will also show you other keywords that users are searching for.

combine keywords

Using your Google and Pinterest keyword searches, pull keywords that are similar and use those throughout your blog post as well as in headings.  You can also create a title using this information.


You should always include a call-to-action for your visitors!  Examples would be buy now, subscribe now, download now, etc.

Inbound Links

Make sure to link back to other blog posts on your website that relate to what you are writing about.

outbound links

Outbound links are important, especially to build your backlinks which is a required SEO practice.  Make sure to backlink to authoritative websites that relate to your niche.