Can Men Use Pinterest to Market Their Business?

If you would have asked me this question five years ago, I would have answered very quickly with “NO.” But it seems, even according to Pinterest themselves, that male users on the Pinterest platform are steadily increasing each year. I decided in order to answer the question, “Can men use Pinterest to market their business”, I would approach someone close to me to help.

And that person was my husband!

The Pinterest Conversation

After telling my husband my plan he says:

“Pinterest is only for women.”

Yep, I kinda knew that was coming! But he got a bit more interested when I mentioned that it could increase website traffic to his blog.

I knew this was going to take some convincing, but I was determined to give it a shot.

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A Pinterest graphic whose title reads Can Men Use Pinterest to Market Their Blog?

Pinterest Male Users

According to Pinterest, male users are steadily increasing by 40% year over year. This tells me that more men are starting to use the Pinterest platform to search for ideas and tips on a certain topic.

After doing some extensive research on the Pinterest platform, I noticed numerous ad campaigns from well-known companies like Home Depot and Lowes that target male Pinterest users. Even though this was more directed at men who may be on the Pinterest platform shopping, I thought it could work the same for other business niches and blogs.

My Husband’s Current Pinterest Stats

When my husband first started his blog, he would pin maybe once a month. Not at all consistent because he felt it was a waste of time. So, I decided to take over his Pinterest account for a month or so to see what would happen if I applied the strategy that I use for my Pinterest clients.

Here is a look at his analytics before I started. Not very impressive. I wasn’t surprised because he never used the platform consistently. And he had 0 outbound clicks to his website.

Pinterest graphic that shows 793 impressions, 12 engagements, 456 total audience and 8 engaged audience.

Now, here are his analytics after about a month and a half of implementing a pinning strategy for his account. Yep, after just over a month, this happened. Look at the Outbound Clicks to his website!

A Pinterest graphic showing impressions at 32.8k, saves at 180 and outbound clicks at 269.

And not only did his outbound clicks increase to his website, but they also increased to his YouTube channel! I created several pins to videos he has on YouTube.

An image of YouTube stats that shows 814 views and 10.7k impressions.

Just a quick description of his niche. He is a bass fisherman and hosts bass fishing tournaments throughout the year locally. His blog is (Southeast Georgia Kayak Bass Fishing) so that you know he exists haha!

Auditing His Pinterest Account

After properly optimizing his account and implementing a Pinterest strategy, his numbers increased. But most importantly, his website traffic doubled!

I couldn’t wait to share the results with him. Of course, throughout the month, he tried to sneak a peek and I shut him down!

He came into my office and sat with me at my desk. I presented his Pinterest numbers and……this happened!

Literally, his jaw dropped when I showed him his current stats. I wish I would have videoed his reaction🤣 ya’ll it was priceless!

He had numerous pins that took off really well. Most of his popular pins were video pins. That is not surprising considering men love videos. Or at least my man does lol. He is always scrolling on YouTube or Instagram reels and asking me to look at a video when I am trying to watch my favorite television program. Come on ladies, I can’t be the only one!

Keep in mind, Pinterest is also a great platform for discoverability! Especially if you have a new business or blog.

Pinterest Trending Pins

Another tactic I used for his Pinterest account was creating pins for blog posts that were trending for a specific time of the year. When I started the Pinterest strategy, it was beginning to reach summer here in southeast Georgia.

With that being said, I chose blog posts or YouTube videos that pertained to bass fishing during the summer months. Pinning specific, trending topics, helped his Pinterest account take off.

Audience Demographics

If you take a look at his audience, of course, it’s mostly male, but what I found interesting is that the age sector is spread about. It’s not just one predominant age bracket. He is reaching younger males as well as older males!

Males Can Use Pinterest To Market Their Blog Or Business

So what does that tell us? That more men are using the Pinterest platform! I proved my point!

I now manage his Pinterest account full-time and his website traffic is still steadily climbing. In just another month, he has gained 20 new followers and his outbound clicks are steadily increasing.

If you are a male blogger or business owner, consider a Pinterest marketing strategy to help increase discoverability and grow your customer base.

Work With Me To Create A Pinterest Strategy

Now, if you’re like my husband, and have no clue how the Pinterest platform works, then reach out! I would love to work with you to grow your website traffic, increase sales, and increase your discoverability. We can create a new account, or I can AUDIT an existing account!

I will be glad to help or answer any questions you might have so be sure to CONTACT ME and let’s work together!

“Pin now, grow tomorrow.”

Christina 📌

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