If you are looking for an Online Community Manager please reach out!  I am standing by to help you. View our FAQ's below or drop us a note to set up a personal consultation.
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frequently asked questions

Question one

Do you create individual packages based on a client's needs?  Yes!  I will create a package that is perfect for your business!  

Question Two

What are your office hours?  I work from 8:30 a.m. until 5 p.m. Monday-Friday, off on major holidays.  However, if you require weekend work or after hours work,  I can do that as well!

Question Three

What is your cancellation policy?  I ask for a thirty day notice before cancelling.  Of cousre, I would love for you to share feedback with me as well.

Question four

What kind of work can you do? Anything related to Community Management, the possibilities are endless! Facebook groups (free and paid), subscription groups, course subscriptions and many other tasks!

Question five

Why should I use a Community Manager?  To give you peace of mind and to help you grow and maintain your community!  No more stress or anxiety when it comes to managing your community.

Question six

What management tools do you have experience with?  Airtable, Textiful, SteamYard, Slack, and Trello just to name a few!  And, if I am not familiar with a tool you use, I will teach myself how to use it!