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Are you clueless when it comes to Pinterest?  Struggling with your Pinterest account? Are you frustrated by the constantly changing algorithm and platform?  Just not seeing the results, but you seem to be working your butt off every…single…month?  Then it might be time for you to hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant (VA). 

Before I dig in, take a look at this stat.  Did you know that Pinterest has over 400 million active users worldwide (https://business.pinterest.com/en/audience/)?  Think about that for a minute. That’s a lot of potential customers!

I get asked quite frequently if the client’s niche is a good fit for Pinterest.  All niches can succeed on Pinterest.  From doctors and online coaches to service professionals and businesses that sell products, Pinterest can be a significant part of your marketing strategy.  It does not matter what your niche is! 

Now, let us look at why you need a Pinterest Virtual Assistant to help market your small business on Pinterest.

You Have No Knowledge of Pinterest

Not everyone is up to date with Pinterest, especially the business aspect of the platform.  Pinterest has evolved and made changes over the last year.  And to some business users, it’s just not worth the effort. 

Trust me when I say it is worth using Pinterest.  When I had my DIY blog a few years ago, I monetized my site within six months.  And that was all because I consistently used the Pinterest platform. 

Don’t let being unfamiliar with the platform hold you back. 

A Pinterest VA can perform an account setup and have you up and running in no time.  We can handle every single aspect of setting up your account.

Not Enough Hours In The Day

There are not enough hours in the day to spend on Pinterest marketing. Daily redundant tasks take priority. Pinterest is put on hold, even though you know it would do incredible things for your business.  But, taking the time to learn the platform, create a business account, and develop graphics is just too time-consuming.

You Are Not Interested In Learning Pinterest

While you may not be interested in Pinterest, it is the perfect platform to promote your business.  So, why not delegate this task to someone who loves Pinterest and is passionate about helping female solo entrepreneurs succeed!  In just a few months, your Pinterest account will be up and running.

No Graphic Designing Skills

Is graphic designing not your cup of tea?  No worries.  A Pinterest Virtual Assistant can create beautiful, eye-catching, SEO-optimized pins for your Pinterest account.  I use Canva and have created pins for my clients for over two years now.  However, it’s not just about a pretty pin like it used to be.  Many aspects come with pin creation for your account to succeed. That’s what I am here!

Things a Pinterest VA Can Do

Create your Pinterest business account.

Set up Rich Pins.

Optimize your account for SEO.

Create eye-catching images that are the correct Pinterest size.

Create a Pinterest Strategy.

Compile and review Pinterest analytics every month. 

Schedule pins.

Magic Pinning Formula

A Pinterest Virtual Assistant stays up-to-date with the current Pinterest practices and any changes in the algorithm. 

Unfortunately, there is not a magic formula for pinning.  It takes time and tons of testing to determine what strategy works best for your account.   Why not delegate this to a Pinterest Virtual Assistant?  I can determine what is working for your account and what is not working by reviewing your Pinterest analytics.  By doing so, I can adjust the strategy if need be. 

As you can see, A LOT of important factors come into play when it comes to your Pinterest account.  Even though we can become frustrated (trust me, been there MANY times)when Pinterest changes its platform, we need to learn to calm down and adjust.  And, if what you are doing is already working, then do not change a thing!

Phew, that was a lot of information!  If you still feel confused but have not realized that you need a Pinterest Marketing Strategy, let’s chat! 

Before you leave, take that first step and reach out to me today.  Hire a Pinterest Virtual Assistant. I can create a custom package to fit your business needs.  So please don’t wait!  Contact me today and let’s get your Pinterest account rocking! Simply click on the image below to reach out.

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