How To Find Pinterest Keywords

Keywords should be an important part of your Pinterest strategy.  Keywords are vital for your Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization).  Without appropriate keywords, you will likely not be found on Pinterest when a pinner performs a search.  Remember that Pinterest is a visual SEARCH engine, much like Google. Let’s take a look at a few ways to find Pinterest keywords.

Where Do I Find Pinterest Keywords

Pinterest provides business account holders with several keyword tools. Those tools are The Pinterest Search Bar, Pin Ad Keyword Research Tool, Pinterest More Like This Feed, and Trends and Predicts. For this post, I will discuss my favorites, the Pinterest Search Bar and the Pinterest Ad Keyword Research Tool. These two are the easiest to use.

Pinterest Search Tool

To conduct a Pinterest search, type a keyword in the search bar. See the small magnifying glass beside the bell?  This is where you can perform keyword research. Pinterest also shows your recent searches and gives ideas about what’s popular at the time of the search on the Pinterest platform. (Note: I performed these searches from a desktop computer.)

Here is an example of how to use the Pinterest search tool.  If your next blog post will be a sweet potato casserole, type those three words in the search bar.  You will then see a list. Those are keywords that are the most popular on Pinterest.  These are great longtail keywords for you to use in your Pin descriptions and titles.

Next, press enter, and you will then see bubbles pop up below the search.

The words in the bubbles are other keywords that are used to perform the search for sweet potatoes.  So, instead of just “sweet potato casserole,” pinners are also searching for “sweet potato casserole nuts,” and the next, “sweet potato casserole Ruth Chris,” and so on.

Pinterest Trends

Pinterest Trends is another way to find keywords. I found this tool a bit frustrating because it’s not niche-specific.

Where To Use Keywords On Your Pinterest Account

Now, where should you use these keywords?  A great place to start is your Pinterest profile name.  For instance, here is my profile name.  I am a Pinterest Manager and manage Pinterest accounts and implement a Pinterest strategy.  I use the long tail keywords “Pin Management and Strategy.” Pinterest would not allow me to use the keyword “Pinterest” in my name, so I had to get creative.

As you can see, I also included the words Pinterest Strategies because it is a keyword often searched.  While your business name is essential and should be added to the profile name, chances are pinners will not be searching for your name but for keywords related to what niche your business is in.

Board Titles

The next place is your board titles.  Your board titles need to be as keyword enriched as possible. It’s not a great SEO strategy to name your boards, for example, “Yummy Foods” or “Things I Want to Build.” They must be specific keywords relevant to your niche.  A more specific title would be “Keto-Friendly Beef Recipes.” This title contains keywords that pinners would search for on the platform.

Board Descriptions

Please include board descriptions! This is the NUMBER ONE mistake that I see clients make who come to me for a Pinterest Audit. A description is crucial and helps tell Pinterest what your board is about. It also lets users know what content is included on a Pinterest board.

A good rule of thumb is to add 3-5 complete sentences containing keywords that pertain to your niche.  Use sentence form and not just stuff keywords into the board description. This could flag your account as spam. Here is an example of one of my boards on Pinterest. You can see I have complete sentences and keywords I found when performing a keyword search using the Pinterest search bar.

Don’t be vague when creating board titles and descriptions. For example, if you are a food blogger and your post is about a recipe for peanut butter cookies, you do not want to name a board “Yummy Deserts I Would Like to Try.” This board is not keyword-enriched, and you will not appear in search results. A keyword-enriched board title would be “Cookie Recipes” or, even more specifically, “Peanut Butter Cookie Recipes.”   

Pinterest graphic with title Ways To Find Pinterest Keywords purple with Girl writing on pad.

Keywords In Pin Graphics

Also, remember to use keywords on your actual pin graphics. This includes text overlays and pin descriptions! This will ensure that your pin is SEO optimized.

If you are struggling and need help with your Pinterest account, please reach out! The sooner I can perform an audit, the sooner your Pinterest account will start providing your website traffic. Please visit my Contact Page or Services Page for more information. Happy pinning!

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