January Pinterest Trends – What To Pin In January

Pinterest is an excellent platform to drive traffic to our websites.  One of the common questions I receive in my email every day as a Pinterest Manager is what do I pin and when do I pin it. Let’s take a look at January’s Pinterest trends and what to pin in January.

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Planning January Pinterest Trends

I answer this question by simply explaining that having a Pinterest strategy plan is crucial.  I promise you if you set aside time to plan for the upcoming year, you will be amazed at how well your Pinterest account can drive that website traffic.

Now, before I get into what to pin, I would like to briefly discuss why it’s a good idea to plan your pins for the year, just as you would your content calendar.  Since I have been doing Pinterest Management, I often see it as a common mistake. Absolutely no planning, just flying by the seat of their pants.

One of the steps that I follow when working with clients is to implement a planning stage.  And after implementing the planned strategy, I saw a considerable improvement in my client’s Pinterest stats and increased website visits.  

How do I plan?  Start by scheduling time in November/December to sit down and plan your content calendar and your Pinterest calendar simultaneously. No matter what your niche is, this works!  Create your content calendar and your Pinterest strategy around what is trending for that year, and even narrow it down to a month.  Look for popular January Pinterest trends.

During this time, sit down and brainstorm ideas by month, starting with January and working your way up to December.  Write them down using each month as a category.  Ask yourself, what would you, as a pinner, be searching for that month?

Consider New Year Trends

You can also consider new trends for the upcoming year. Simply search on Google for trends in your niche for that year.  After you have a few ideas, use the Pinterest search bar and type in your ideas to see what pinners are searching for based on the keywords you entered.  For example, if one of your ideas on your list is coffee, then type in coffee in the search bar for different keywords pinners are using for that specific word or phrase.

The more content you create based on current trends, the more website traffic you will see.  Creating trending content is especially important if Pinterest is your primary website traffic and monetization source.

Seasonal Content

It is a great idea to post seasonal content 45 days before the holiday or season.  For instance, if you have Valentine’s Day pins, pin those in January, and pin Christmas pins starting in late October or early November, and so forth, and so on.  

When trying to come up with ideas for a specific month, think like a pinner thinks (or like you would think when you are on Pinterest searching for a particular topic).   Pinners are planners.  They are looking for ideas and inspiration, and many of those searches are seasonally based.  

Here is a list that I have compiled simply by doing Pinterest keyword research after brainstorming ideas for certain months of the year.   And be sure to check back each month or sign up for my email list to receive my Ideas To Pin for each month of 2022. 

January Pinterest Trends – What To Pin

Since this post is about ideas to pin in January, let’s look at January’s happenings.  First off, think winter, cold, and even in some places, snowy days.  Pinners are looking for ways to spend their days inside, warm, and out of the cold.  Those pinners who have gardens or flowers may be searching for ways to winterize them to keep them protected from the cold. 

They will be looking for outdoor ideas such as building a firepit.  Another hot topic for January is hot beverage ideas.  Everyone loves a hot cup of coffee or cocoa when it’s cold out!  Another trending topic is winterizing your indoor/outdoor plants or gardens for the upcoming winter season.

Now, while in that frame of mind, brainstorm ideas with those categories in mind. 

Here are pins to consider pinning in January.

Hot Beverage-Related Pins  

Ideas For Coffee Bars

Coffee Bar For Small Spaces In Kitchen

Coffee Bar Organization

Storage Ideas For Coffee Bars

Tea Bar

Tea Cart Bar

Smores Bar

Smores Party Station Ideas 

Quotes About Coffee, Tea, or Hot Chocolate

Plant/Garden Winterinzing

How to Winterize Plants

Winterizing Indoor/Outdoor Plants

Garden Winterizing

Garden Bed Winterizing

Valentine’s Day (Remember 45 days out)

Ideas For Valentine’s Day Crafts

DIY Valentine’s Day Decor

Ideas ForValentine’s Day Gifts For Him or Her

Valentine’s Day Party For Kids

Outdoor Spaces For Cold Weather

Backyard Firepit

Firepits On a Budget

Outdoor Fireplace Design

Outdoor Fireplace Ideas

Winter Outdoor Spaces

Winter Outdoor Space Patio

Also in January, pinners are looking at decluttering and organizing their homes after the holidays.

Organization (You could even start pinning these in Dec)

Ways To Organize After Christmas

How To Organize Toys After Christmas

Decluttering After The Holidays

Decluttering Before And After 

Another trend after the holiday season is getting healthy.  If you are a food blogger, then healthy recipes or tutorials on how to get healthy for the upcoming year are trendy.

Pinners are also searching for ways to learn a new skill or start a business for the new year.  Think about your niche. What can you teach someone?

Learning A New Skill

Starting A Blog

Painting Furniture And Sell For Profit

Tips To Start An Online Business

Starting A Thrift Store Flipping Business

Ideas For Home-Based Businesses

How To Start A Business Checklist

Valentine’s Wedding or Winter Wedding

Pinners who are planning a Valentine’s or winter  wedding will be searching for:

Valentine Wedding Inspiration

Valentine Wedding Decorations

Winter Wedding Ideas

Winter Wedding Inspiration

I could list many more here, but I think you are getting the idea for the sake of time.  Planning can make a significant impact on your Pinterest strategy!  Be sure to print this January Pinterest Trends list to help you.

I Am Here To Help!

If you are ready to take the plunge and need help with a Pinterest strategy, reach out and let me help you!  I have services for every single budget.  I love creating special packages for small businesses to fit their needs.  Besides, I know what’s it like when your first start out and funds are limited.  I can create a Pinterest strategy based on your niche and give you ideas for content creation. See how a VA can help you by reading Do I Need A Virtual Assistant For My Business?

Also, if you feel your Pinterest account needs some help, I will conduct a FREE pin audit!  I will look at your Pinterest account and make sure it is SEO (search engine optimized) with relevant keywords that pertain to your niche.  Contact me if you need help!

In conclusion, let me ask you this. Is your Pinterest strategy working?  What do you feel you need help with as far as Pinterest?  Let me know in the comments. I love hearing from you.  I respond to every single comment.

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