Keeping Track Of Your Published Blog Posts

Keeping track of your published blog posts can save you stress and keep you organized.  I remember the exact moment when I realized that I needed a blog posts list.  When I ran my DIY blog, and I had over 100 posts.  I had sat down to create a “round-up” post and realized I did not have a master list. This master list would have certainly come in handy! Keeping track of your published blog posts can help your business stay organized and help you maintain your sanity!

How To Keep Track

I decided it was time to get my business organized to help my workflow! I created an excel spreadsheet that listed all of my published blog posts.  But if you are not familiar with Excel, you can use Google Sheets or even Microsoft Word to create a basic list.  My list is nothing fancy.  It is just a basic Excel sheet with columns for my Publish Date and another column for my title.  I group all blog posts from one year, as you can see below, and highlight the year. 

I have plenty of room once I print out the document to make notes.  Now, if you’re not tech-savvy, then simply writing out your blog post title and date in a notebook would work as well.  Whatever system works for you! Let’s take a look at the benefits of having a published blog post list.

Updating Old Blog Posts

Old blog posts need to be updated to optimize SEO, edit images and any broken or outdated links.  Having a blog post list will make this task a little less daunting.  If you track them by month, date, and year, you can make a note once you have updated an older post.  Imagine Shaving to go through hundreds of blog posts on your computer?  Stressing out because you have updated so many, you cannot remember which ones you updated and which ones you have not!

Repurposing Popular Content

You can use your updated blog post list to repurpose popular content.  On my list, I make notes regarding blog posts that were popular with my audience. That way, if I ever go through writer’s block (which we all have), I can repurpose some of my older content until I get back into my groove.

Roundup Blog Posts

Another great way to use your list is when you are ready to create a roundup post of specific projects.  Your list will allow you to get a birds-eye view of your projects to find similar ones that you can add to your roundup post.  Who can remember posts from months ago?  I cannot even remember why I walk into a room sometimes! 😊 

Start your Published Blog Post List from day one. This will save you time and a ton of energy.

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