Pinterest Account Audit

Do you feel like your Pinterest account isn’t really working anymore? Do you find yourself with no time to spare to concentrate on your Pinterest account? Are you confused and have no idea where to start improving your account? If so, it is the perfect time for a Pinterest Account Audit.

Are you thinking, what? What the heck is a Pinterest Audit? A Pinterest Account Audit is a deep, in-depth look into your account to see what’s working and what’s not. Many clients who come to me to audit their Pinterest accounts do not realize that Pinterest is a search engine similar to Google. Therefore, your Pinterest account needs to be keyword enriched in order for your pins to appear in Pinterest searches.

How I Perform A Pinterest Audit

Pinterest Audit Step One – Business Account

The first step I take when conducting a Pinterest audit is to ensure your Pinterest account is a business account and not a personal one. I have seen numerous clients who are marketing their business from their personal accounts, and this is a huge Pinterest mistake.

Why a business account? If you have a Pinterest business account, Pinterest allows you to claim your website. This will put a little world with a checkmark icon that links to your website in your profile information. You can’t do that with a personal account!

Step Two – Apply For Rich Pins

I have many folks who reach out regarding Rich Pins. And I have numerous clients who have never heard of Rich Pins. A Rich Pin displays more information on a pin which increases pinner engagement.  Rich Pins work by displaying metadata from marked-up pages on your website. Once you have applied for Rich Pins, any content on your site with metadata will turn into a Rich Pin when a user saves it. (Source:  In this example, you will notice a title, a description, and the author of the pin. A standard pin will not show the extra information.

You can easily apply for Rich Pins using the Yoast Plugin. And the best part is you do not have to be tech-savvy. I strongly suggest you download the Yoast Plugin if you haven’t already! Note: You must have a business Pinterest account and have claimed your website on Pinterest.

You can follow these instructions:

If you are having a hard time, reach out to me. I will be glad to help you apply for Rich Pins!

Step Three – Keyword Optimization

Keywords are essential. I see so many accounts which are not keyword optimized correctly. Pinterest makes it easy to find relevant keywords for your Pinterest account that pertain to your niche. If you would like to know how to find those keywords, you can read How To Use Pinterest Keyword Tools.

Your Pinterest account needs to be correctly optimized to ensure success on Pinterest. If the client’s Pinterest account is not optimized, then any pinning strategy will be in vain because you will not get the reach.  So this must be completed before a Pinterest strategy is put into place.  

The first place I check for keyword optimization is your name and about section. As you can see in the image below, I have used keywords in my title and my description. You will notice I used the word “Pin” instead of “Pinterest” in my title. For newer accounts, Pinterest will not allow you to use the word Pinterest (for newer accounts). I have used the keywords “Pinterest Manager” in the description below my title.

The second place I look for keywords is in all board descriptions and their titles.  I see so many Pinterest business accounts that have no board descriptions whatsoever.  This is another HUGE mistake! It is so important to have the descriptions keyword optimized.  Pinterest gives you plenty of characters to describe and tell users what your board is about! Here is an example of my board title and description:

Step Four – Pin Graphics

Pin graphics are an important part of your keyword optimization. Pins should contain relevant keywords in their titles and their descriptions. Without those keywords, you will not show up in search results. For this blog post, the pin would include keywords such as “Pinterest” and “Pinterest Audit”. You can see the keywords that I used are “Pinterest Audit.”

Pinterest pin graphic with the title Pinterest Audit

Step Five  – Audit Existing Pinterest Boards 

If you have personal boards you are pinning to, I will mark those boards as secret.  I will then audit boards to ensure they are relevant to your niche and brand and are optimized with keywords. If needed, I will create new boards that pertain to your niche.

A Client’s Pinterest Account After I Implemented Audit Recommendations

Let’s take a look at one of my client’s profiles. As you can see, she saw a nosedive in her Pinterest traffic by over 50% and had no idea why.

After auditing her Pinterest account, I determined two factors that could cause the nose dive in traffic. The first factor related to repinning. Repinning will not win you brownie points with Pinterest! As a business account, Pinterest has asked us to create fresh new pin images. Also, repinning the same image on numerous boards is a thing of the past. You should be pinning to the most relevant board. The second factor was reevaluating her keywords. 

After a week of implementing my audit recommendations, this is what happened.

These numbers are jaw-dropping! Keep in mind, though, not every account will experience increases like this in just three weeks. Some accounts may take longer to achieve higher numbers.

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Your entire audit will include a video explaining everything to you!

If your Pinterest account just isn’t performing like you think it should be, or you’re lost when it comes to Pinterest, start by allowing me to complete an Audit! It takes about 2-3 days to conduct and trust me when I say it will be well worth it.

Take that first step, and let’s get your Pinterest account working in the right direction for your business. It will surprise you how minor adjustments can make all the difference! Contact me ASAP! And, while you are here, take a look at my services.


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